Timing Real Estate

Timing Your Real Estate Purchase

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Joanheighes As a follow on from last month’s article about the current market, this month I would like to address whether now is really the right time to buy, or ultimately could it cost you more if you wait!  To help we need to answer the question, “Why are you buying?”.  If you are purchasing a home as an investment property and you plan to rent it, there is currently a huge demand for affordable rentals. It could be worth …



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Joanheighes Welcome back to my column everyone!  Last month we talked about preparing your home for market, so this month I would like to discuss how to locate, identify and purchase your new home.    Before you start looking at properties there are four main questions to consider. First, what is the purpose of this new property?  Will it be your primary residence, a second home, or perhaps an investment property with income potential?  Second question, what is on the list of your “wants” and “needs” for the property?  Are …

Spotlight in Medical Professionals magazine

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Joanheighes Read my thoughts on being a Real Estate Specialistwhy I chose Engel & Völkershow COVID has affected the market, and more Click on the image above and turn to page 16 to read the full article.