July 6, 2017

Tips For Finding The Right Family Home

April 4, 2017

3 Things Smart Sellers Don’t Do

March 14, 2017

Sprucing Up Your Home For Spring Sales

February 13, 2017

Love Your Home

Love is in the air, but is it in your home? After years in the same place, it can be easy to forget what attracted us to our home in the first place. It’s important to find the right home and then keep the love alive. Whether you are living in a new home, a charming old house, a comfortable condo, or an apartment, there are things you can do to bring back the love. First, look around. What feeling do you get when you look objectively at your home, inside and out? Are there old curtains that are wearing […]
December 13, 2015
Jacksonville Skyline by Wesley Black

One Spark’s Innovative “Spark District”

Paying homage to Jacksonville’s Great Fire of 1901 and crowdfunding festival One Spark, the city’s new innovation hub will be called the “Spark District.” The district, which seeks to attract more financial incentives and recognition for entrepreneurs and tech startups in the city, also has a new official website: sparkdistrict.com. “The future starts with us,” Profile Gorilla founder Ed Baldwin said at the announcement on Thursday night. “It starts with entrepreneurs and businesses that grow right here.” Baldwin had the innovation district in the worksfor about 8 months before getting the backing of the city and the Downtown Investment Authority. He said there’s a clear […]
October 27, 2015

This Jacksonville-based frozen dessert can be found in Bahrainian desert

Used to be, Mark Patterson would cart around pints of his Naturally Smart frozen dessert in the back of his Mini Cooper. Patterson, founder of the Jacksonville startup company, has since upgraded to a freezer-equipped van for deliveries to local retail outlets. But these days, tens of thousands of units of the product, touted as a healthier option to ice cream, are being shipped overseas to the Middle Eastern country of Bahrain. The frozen confection, which boots a high concentration of protein, was a hit at One Spark 2014 and over the past year has been picked up by retail chains such […]
March 11, 2015

One Spark is Coming, Jacksonville!

We’re just One Month away from the beginning of the world’s LARGEST Crowd-Sourcing Festival, One Spark 2015. It’s all happening in Jacksonville starting April 7, 2015 and you can be a part of it. https://www.onespark.com/festival/2015/full-schedule