Making Your Dreams Come True

As a licensed Professional Real Estate Agent and REALTOR® with Watson Realty Corp., I provide my customers with the benefits of my financial knowledge acquired on Wall Street, along with skills and experiences gained while living in America, England, and France.

Because my goal is to “Help Families Fulfill Their Dreams” I work closely with each one of my customers throughout the entire process. Each customer receives from me knowledgeable and sound advice along with efficient, friendly and courteous treatment. I ensure that your real estate transaction is a happy and satisfying experience because "I measure my success one family at a time – one fulfilled dream at a time”

North Florida & Beyond is my website, designed to be your one stop shopping resource for real estate in the metropolitan area of Jacksonville, Florida, Duval County and the surrounding counties of Clay and St Johns. This site is packed with useful information for buying or selling a home. You can check out my featured properties or do a full search of properties listed in the MLS.

Featured Listings
  • Mr. and Mrs. Hugo Kurtz
    Joanie’s experience, along with her attention to detail, and tenacity makes a great realtor.  She is a real business partner
    Mr. and Mrs. Hugo Kurtz
  • Mr. and Mrs. Richard Oehser
    Joanie was always pleasant and helpful.  Even though she is very busy, she makes you feel like her only client! Her service was super! She’s great
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard Oehser
  • Mr. and Mrs. Philip Tufano
    Joanie is professional, knowledgeable, extremely efficient and a pleasure to work with. I would absolutely recommend Joanie and have already done so to my family!!  She is on top of her game!!  Clone Joanie!!  I have purchased 7 properties and Joanie is by far the best agent I have ever worked with!
    Mr. and Mrs. Philip Tufano
  • Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cook
    Joanie went far beyond what any other realtor did for us in our 4 year attempt to sell our home.  She can be trusted to always do the right thing
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cook
  • Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Mosal
    Joanie consistently provided us with updates. She displayed genuine concern and seems to understand the challenges of moving a family!
    Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Mosal
  • Mr. and Mrs. Tripp Miller
    Joanie is wonderful! She is kind, honest, genuine and trustworthy.  Dealing with Joanie feels like family! Better actually!!!!  She is always professional and works hard to ensure the best , absolute best, for her clients!
    Mr. and Mrs. Tripp Miller
  • Mike DePasquale
    I’m unsure how the other realtors work, but I’m sure many could take lessons from Joanie
    Mike DePasquale
  • Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Rich
    Joanie was great! She explained everything in detail.  Fantastic person to deal with!
    Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Rich
  • Mr. and Mrs. Richard DiFonzo
    Joanie helped us buy a HOME, not sell us a house!  Joanie went above and beyond our expectations. She was always available, extremely knowledgeable and friendly.  We can’t imagine anything she could do to improve her service. Joanie was professional, savvy, and a pleasure to work with
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard DiFonzo
  • Joe Malandrucco
    Joanie is a good friendly person to work with and very knowledgeable about her field
    Joe Malandrucco
  • Sean Cummings
    Joanie went above and beyond!! I am very impressed!!
    Sean Cummings
  • Mr. and Mrs. Taylor Cobb
    She assisted every need we had along the way. She is amazing
    Mr. and Mrs. Taylor Cobb
  • Mr. and Mrs. David Lindley
    Joanie did a great job and was always there when we needed her!
    Mr. and Mrs. David Lindley
  • Mr. and Mrs. Gary Reynolds
    Joanie gives excellent service to her clients. We always felt that she was working very hard to get us the best deal possible. After we closed she was still working for us, by sending us referrals for things we needed done like painting, cleaning and local merchants.  Her service did not stop after we signed the contract!  WE love Joanie!
    Mr. and Mrs. Gary Reynolds
  • Mr. James Morales & Ms. Lizbeth Torres
    Joanie helps the process to move along quickly and smoothly
    Mr. James Morales & Ms. Lizbeth Torres
  • Barbara Tanner
    Joanie makes you feel as though you are her friend and she is always efficient and on top of the situation
    Barbara Tanner
  • Mr. and Mrs. Clinton O’Neill
    Joanie was simply the “Best”.  Her professionalism and attention to detail are unmatched! Great coordination between Joanie and her Watson team produced great results for us!
    Mr. and Mrs. Clinton O’Neill
  • Mr. and Mrs. Michael Larson
    Joanie is fabulous!!! We love her dearly and can’t thank her enough for all she has done for us. Joanie, as she has in the past, went above and beyond to make us happy and spent numerous hours with us!  Everything about the closing was awesome because of Joanie
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael Larson
  • Barbara Trunzo
    Joanie is reliable, knowledgeable , honest and THE BEST REALTOR IN JACKSONVILLE!!!!
    Barbara Trunzo
  • Mr. and Mrs. Jean Michel Bourgade
    Joanie is smart, hard working, full of energy, a skilled negotiator and has the right balance of advice and neutrality to ensure that we met our desires!
    Mr. and Mrs. Jean Michel Bourgade
  • Boren Chambers
    Joanie always wants to please her customers to the best of her ability
    Boren Chambers
  • Arthur Sorel
    Joanie always smiled and we laughed as she happily walked me through the whole process.  She made it fun to house hunt!
    Arthur Sorel
  • Mr. and Mrs. Rich Eplawy
    Joanie was incredibly friendly and helpful.  She put us right where we needed to be!
    Mr. and Mrs. Rich Eplawy
  • Mr. and Mrs. Michael Mayer
    Joanie did an excellent job finding us our new home.  She was very thorough and followed up with every issue.  Her dedication to her work is outstanding.  No job was to trivial! I think she is the best real estate broker we have had the pleasure to deal with
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael Mayer
  • Diane Carver
    Joanie always went the extra mile and seemed more like a friend than just a realtor
    Diane Carver
  • Hazel Roberts
    Joanie is professional, knows the market, and does her job very well.  Phone calls and questions were answered promptly.  Information on new homes on the market was faxed to us immediately.  Because of Joanie’s efforts the closing was on schedule and went smoothly
    Hazel Roberts
  • Mr. and Mrs. Gary Pedigo
    Joanie was available 150% of the time. She was super and went way beyond the norm. Great service, always on call, great attitude, and very professional
    Mr. and Mrs. Gary Pedigo
  • Ms. Laurie Menefee
    Joanie was very flexible with her time and very knowledgeable about the area and real estate
    Ms. Laurie Menefee
  • Raul Bustamante
    Joanie was always available, inspired confidence, is responsible, cares for her clients, and is helpful and kind
    Raul Bustamante
  • Mr. and Mrs. Paul Kanuk
    Joanie is able to work the issues and find solutions! Watson is fortunate to have her on staff!
    Mr. and Mrs. Paul Kanuk
  • Mr. and Mrs. Adam Bauman
    Joanie was great! She spent ample time with us and our children house hunting – poor Joanie! Joanie was the best realtor. She was the closest thing to family we had upon moving here and we knew we could contact her for anything!
    Mr. and Mrs. Adam Bauman
  • Mr. and Mrs. Donald Graham
    Joanies experience, professionalism, honesty, patience, energy, humanity, humor, pro-active approach and her personal support make her a leader in her field
    Mr. and Mrs. Donald Graham
  • Mr. and  Mrs. Louay Habboush
    Joanie showed us many houses, always asking for our input and what she could do to meet our expectations.  She is very patient, always on time and very friendly
    Mr. and  Mrs. Louay Habboush
  • Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Donahue
    Joanie was a true pleasure and real partner in our home search. She was always professional, courteous, and innovative. She remained a true advocate for our home needs at all times.  Joanie’s response time to questions was unmatched in other realtors we have used as was her level of service
    Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Donahue
  • Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Karneol
    Joanie was very courteous and helpful in all aspects of our search for and purchase of our home. She always gave us great advice which led to an easygoing home purchase
    Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Karneol
  • Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Polito
    Joanie is outstanding. Her communication skills are superb! She always kept me informed as to who she was speaking to about my home, where it was being marketed, and what her course of action was going to be. We had our home professionally photographed and she told us what to do to maximize traffic.   I can’t say enough as to how Joanie made us feel like we were a priority.  We felt like she personally cared about us and that we had the best service possible. She is the definition of class
    Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Polito
  • Mr. and Mrs. John Barbone
    Joanie is very professional , knowledgeable of real estate, easy to work with, and has an excellent personality.  Joanie Heighes is a fine representative for Watson Realty
    Mr. and Mrs. John Barbone
  • Michael Burke
    Joanie is very professional and listened to my situation, thus finding a solution that was good for me.  It took some time to sell my property but Joanie never wavered or walked away.  She is the best realtor in Jacksonville and I will do business with Joanie again.  Her follow thru from start to finish was amazing and she truly cares about her clients
    Michael Burke
  • Rikki Sargent
    Joanie was the best. Very informative and thorough. I truly believe she got me the best deal.  I would not have received the blinds or all of the appliances and garage openers without her! And the closing was handled efficiently and timely.  We were out in 30 minutes! Awesome!
    Rikki Sargent
  • Tia Williams
    Joanie has incredible knowledge of real estate with new construction. She is easy to work with and has great response time
    Tia Williams
  • Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Conway
    Joanie stuck with us during a very long and trying short sale process. She always made us feel that she had our best interests at heart.  She is truly amazing
    Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Conway
  • Kelly McLaughlin & Jason Frotten
    Joanie is a very comfortable and warm person.  She made the process flow smoothly, and she helped us gain knowledge along the way. Joanie responded to our questions quickly and was always there to help
    Kelly McLaughlin & Jason Frotten
  • Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Mosal
    Joanie was a breath of fresh air! She was punctual , informative,  detailed and thorough
    Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Mosal
  • Clinton O’Neill
    We always trusted we were in good hands with Joanie! We also really loved that she has such great contacts from painters to grout specialists
    Clinton O’Neill
  • Mr. and Mrs. James Ferguson
    Joanie seemed to truly care about our family. She was always available and full of helpful information. Joanie is one of a kind
    Mr. and Mrs. James Ferguson
  • Kacie and Taylor Cobb
    Joanie was right there leading us through every step in the process of selling and eventually buying our dream home.  She has an amazing team that was able to answer every question we had along the way.  After our dealings with Joanie, I don’t only consider her our realtor, but our friend! Trust me when I tell you, you will not find a better more honest realtor than Joanie Heighes.  AMAZING!!!!!
    Kacie and Taylor Cobb
  • James Tannous Jr.
    Joanie is the perfect combination of professional and personal! She has an excellent working knowledge of the real estate business
    James Tannous Jr.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Del Buster
    Joanie let nothing fall by the wayside
    Mr. and Mrs. Del Buster
  • Chris Tolleson & Kathy Bryant
    Joanie is a credit to the real estate industry.  She demonstrated the value that a realtor provides people
    Chris Tolleson & Kathy Bryant